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Bedford County is blessed with 14 covered bridges. Few places have covered bridges set in more picturesque settings and with more variety than in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Built approximately 100 years ago by craftsmen who worked almost entirely by hand, these structures withstand the rain, snow and hard use of the travelling public.

The county's bridges range in length from the 136 foot Herline Bridge near Manns Choice, PA to the 56 foot Palo Alto bridge south of Hyndman. Twelve spans are Burr-truss bridges, named after their designer, Theodore Burr. These bridges are held in place by a set of trusses that interact with the arch that spans the length of the bridges, creating added strength. A lot of people ask, "Why did they cover the bridges?". One answer is that wooden bridges with exposed superstructures can rot ... covering and roofing them protects them from theweather so they'll last longer.

Here's a list of all 14 Covered Bridges in Bedford County.
Jackson's Mill
Felten's Mill
Palo Alto
Dr. Kniseley
Hall's Mill

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