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Covered Bridge Driving TourPerhaps no other image comes to mind more when you mention Bedford County than covered bridges. Few places have bridges set in more picturesque settings with such variety. Our bridges were built 100 years ago by craftsmen who worked by hand to make structures that would withstand the rain, snow and hard use of the traveling public.

Start your driving tour at Old Bedford Village, on Business Rt. 220, just 1 1/2 miles north of downtown Bedford. (If coming off the PA Turnpike, turn right after exiting and drive 1/2 mile south to Old Bedford Village.) Here, you’ll see the Claycomb Covered Bridge (#13). It was moved from Reynoldsdale to this location in 1975.

Snook's Covered BridgeUpon leaving this bridge, turn left onto Business Rt. 220 and travel north for 1 mile to I-99 North (toward Altoona). Take I-99 North for about 6.5 miles to Exit 7 (St. Clairsville/Osterburg). Turn left at the bottom of the ramp and travel to the stop sign then turn right onto 869 West. Travel 1.5 miles and turn left (following 869 West). Continue .6 miles, snaking through the town of Osterburg and bear left at the “Y” still following 869 West. Travel an additional 1 mile to Bowser Covered Bridge (#12) on your left. Built in 1890, it functioned until 1973 when a modern bridge was built beside it.

Snook's Covered Bridge
From here turn onto “Covered Bridge Road” (modern bridge adjacent to Bowsers Covered Bridge) and travel 2 miles to stop sign. Turn right onto “Gordon Hall Road” and drive .6 miles to “Fish Hatchery Road.” Turn left onto Fish Hatchery Road and drive .3 miles to the site of the 1882 Snook’s Covered Bridge (#11).

Dr. Kniseley's Covered BridgeAfter driving through Snook’s Bridge, continue straight on Fish Hatchery Road for .8 miles. At the stop sign turn right onto Reynoldsdale Road. Drive to the intersection of Rt. 56 and turn right. Travel 1 mile on Rt. 56 to the bottom of the hill and turn left onto onto Dunnings Creek Rd. On your right is the 1880’s Kniseley Covered Bridge (#10).

Ryot Covered Bridge
From here continue in the same direction (away from Rt. 56). After 2 4/10 miles, you will come to the Ryot Covered Bridge (#9). Lost to fire in 2002, Bedford County Commissioners committed to rebuild this structure. The bridge was rebuilt and reopened to traffic in 2004 Drive across this beautiful span and travel ½ mile to the intersection of Rt. 96.

Cuppett's Covered Bridge

Turn left (south) onto Rt. 96. After driving 2 miles, you’ll come upon the 1882 Cuppett Covered Bridge (#8) on your left. Continue your tour in the same direction on Rt. 96 south for 1 3/10 miles further, through the town of New Paris.

This is the point in the tour where you need to decide if you want to visit the often talked about, but seldom found, Gravity Hill.

***If you are in an RV or perhaps hauling a trailer, you may want to skip Gravity Hill, because turning back around may be a problem. If you don’t want to do Gravity Hill, skip this next paragraph.***

Gravity HillTo visit Gravity Hill, turn right onto Bethel Hollow Road (just after crossing a bridge with a paved surface & metal sides). After turning, drive 6/10 miles. Bear left at the “Y” in the road (stay on the “main” road). After another 1½ miles, you’ll come to an intersection that has a stop sign (for oncoming traffic only). Bear right onto this road and drive 2/10 mile and look for the letters “GH” spray painted on the road. Go past the first “GH” about 1/10 mile and stop before you get to the second spray painted “GH”. This is it. As you strain your ears to hear the laws of physics breaking, put your car in neutral (after checking behind you for oncoming traffic, of course) and take your foot off the brake. Your car will roll, uphill. There is a second Gravity Hill, just 3/10 mile past the second, spray painted, “GH”. Look for the telephone pole with the number “69”. Stop beside this pole and defy gravity once again. When you and your loved ones have been sufficiently awestruck, you can head for the small turn around area just 2/10 mile further (it’ll be on your right). Turn around and return back the way you came, to Rt. 96. Turn right onto Rt. 96 south.
Gravity Hill

Colvin Covered BridgeContinue on Rt. 96 south for 3.9 miles to the town of Schellsburg. You'll come to a traffic light and the intersection of Rt. 30. Turn right onto Rt. 30 west. Drive 1 block and take your first left at the "Colvin Covered Bridge" sign (Mill Street). Drive 8/10 mile down this road The Colvin Covered Bridge (#7) was built in 1866. It was refurbished in 1997.

Turner's Covered Bridge
Drive through the Colvin Covered Bridge and continue on for 2 8/10 miles (stay straight on this road ... the road is narrow and twisted and you'll think you're not on the right one, but you are). Drive to a stop sign and turn left onto SR 3019. Go 1 3/10 miles to the stop sign and turn left onto Rt. 31 East. Drive 2 miles and look in the
distance to your left for the Turner's Covered Bridge (#6) and turn left onto
Faupel Rd. (this is a gravel road). Continue down this road
and drive through the bridge to a turn around.

Herline Covered BridgeReturn to Rt. 31. Carefully look both ways and turn left, onto Rt. 31 east. Drive 3 8/10 miles to the town of Manns Choice. Turn left at the blinking stop light and you'll still be on Rt. 31 east. Drive about 1 mile and turn left onto Watson Road Drive ½ mile down this road to the 1906 Herline Covered Bridge (#5). The Herline is the longest covered bridge in Bedford County. It was refurbished in 1996. Continue through the bridge and turn to the right on SR 4007. Drive 2 1/10 miles to the intersection of Rt. 30.

When you return to Rt. 30 you can turn left onto Rt. 30 west to return to Schellsburg or, if you want to return to Bedford, Everett or Breezewood turn right onto Rt. 30 east. We hope you've enjoyed this little driving tour!

We have a brochure, complete with information on our covered bridges, listing construction dates, locations, etc. Call us at 1-800-765-3331 and we'll send you a free copy.

Here's a list of all 14 Covered Bridges in Bedford County.
Jackson's Mill
Felten's Mill
Palo Alto
Dr. Kniseley
Hall's Mill

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