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Dr. Knisely Covered Bridge
Dr. Knisely Covered BridgeThe Dr. Knisely Covered Bridge crosses Dunnings Creek along the main road between Bedford and Johnstown. It stands 1/10th of a mile off of Route 56 (about 1.5 miles southeast of Pleasantville. Vertical boards cover about 1/3rd of the sides, with horizontal boards inside. The roof is metal. The abutments are stone and mortar. Privately owned.

The bridge is 80 feet long. It is not traversable.

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Dr. Knisely Bridge Facts and Figures
Location Located 1/10th mile off of Route 56 ... about 1.5 miles southeast of Pleasantville.
Year Built 1867
Truss Burr Truss
Length 80 feet
Width 12 1/2 feet
Owner Private
Drivable No

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There's also a great driving tour inside the Bedford County Visitors Guide. The tour takes about 90 minutes and takes in 6 covered bridges, a bison farm and the elusive Gravity Hill. The Bedford County Visitors Guide is free for the asking.

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