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Smart Phone Video Tours

If you have own a smart phone or other portable Internet capable device, our newest video tour may be of interest.

If you are coming to Bedford, be sure to pick up the the "LEARNING ARCHITECTURE" video tour or follow the links below to the embedded video's.




Learning Architecture

The "Video Tour" is an architecture tour of Bedford, PA. Use your smart phone or portable Internet-ready device as you walk through the town and learn some things about architecture. A OR Code reader is handy, but not a must. The "Art Deco" segment is featured below.


Historic Downtown

This walking tour features info from our Guided Tours in video form. The tour will take about 75 minutes (when you include the walking between video segments) and involves about ¼ mile of walking.


Everett, PA

This walking tour takes you through the history of Everett. From the French and Indian War to the railroad and turnpike growth and beyond, this tour touches many important moments in Everett's history.

Vist Bedford County on  You Tube
If you are having trouble downloading or playing the videos, they are also available at on our youtube page.