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Meeting Places

Not one to sit around all day? The walking tours below should give you more than enough information and history about Bedford County to impress your friends with. If you are looking for a guided walking tour, a self guided walking tour, or own and IPOD you will want to check out the links below.

Guided Walking Tour Free Guided Walking Tour Fridays @ 3:30 (May-Oct)
The Visitors Bureau offers free guided tours of Historic Bedford on Friday afternoons in the summer and fall. The tours start at 3:30 and conclude at 5:00. Think history is boring? Think again. The history of Bedford County is presented here in a way that young and old can enjoy.

Self Guided Walking Tour 1-800-765-3331
This is a condensed version of the guided tour that we offer on Fridays (See Above). There's also shopping info included in this brochure. Take the self guided tour around Bedford. It will take about 40 minutes to complete. It will require about 1/4 mile of walking. Call the visitors bureau and request the "Historic Bedford" brochure. 1-800-765-3331

Learning Architecture Learning Architecture 1-800-765-3331
Call us for this brochure! An excellent guide for learning some basics about architecture. In this brochure/walking tour, you'll encounter Federalist, Art Deco, Gothic Revival, Programmatic and Italianate style. All are presented in easy to understand language along with some fun facts about the history of each style. You'll never look a six panel door in quite the same way after you graduate from the "Learning Architecture" Brochure! TOTAL TIME COMMITMENT: 2 hours.

Ipod Tours Smart Phone Video Tours Available Anytime
This walking tour features info from our Guided Tours in video form. You can download the tour for free, either from this web site or from our visitor friendly computer in our Visitors Bureau Welcome Center. We're located at 131 S. Juliana Street in downtown Bedford. The tour will take about 75 minutes (when you include the walking between video segments) and involves about ¼ mile of walking.