Here are four great tours that will take you through various parts of Bedford County. The following driving tours and much more can be found in our Visitors Guide. If you would like to receive a copy, give us a call today. These tours are self-guided and you can take them any time you wish. 



Covered Bridge Driving Tour

The Covered Bridge Driving Tour is our most popular driving tour. It'll take you about 90 minutes and passes 9 bridges and the quirky "Gravity Hill". Tour is approximately 40 miles.

Printable Covered Bridge Tour


Morrison's Cove Driving Tour

This is also a 90 minute drive but is comprised of scenic farm valleys, an architectural marvel and some obscure Civil War history.

Printable Morrison's Cove Tour


The Critter Tour

Designed to appeal to kids, although grown-ups seem to like it too. Bison and some big trout are waiting to meet you on the Critter Tour.

Printable Critter Tour


Lincoln Highway Driving Tour

The first coast-to-coast road passes directly through Bedford County. Experience the Lincoln Highway in our county and visit all of the historic sites along the way.

Printable Lincoln Highway Tour



Easy to Find

Bedford County is conveniently located in South Central, PA, along the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Lincoln Highway, Interstate 99 and Interstate 70.

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